Hoosier FASSTrack Community

The goal of these communities is to provide academic and social resources for students entering and moving through college. The FASSTrackexposes students to a variety of academic and career-related resources to put help them on the track to success.

Students may study together, have small group discussions, and learn college success strategies, such as time management, note taking, and becoming involved on campus. The program is accomplished through online activities, leadership experiences, and hands-on programs. Each community has a dedicated Academic Peer Advocate who is an older student that lives in the community and connects students to academic resources and advice.

Program features include:

  • $100 annual programming fee
  • Housing costs: Standard with or without air-conditioning
  • A Residential Fellow who is an IU faculty or staff member
  • Extended quiet hours Sunday through Thursday 8 p.m.–9 a.m., and Friday and Saturday, 2–10 a.m.