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Here are some inside tips that will simplify on-campus living. Walk through your move-in like a pro. Learn how to have something in your room repaired. Navigate through emergency situations with confidence.

The move in guides will help you prepare for moving to campus. They're an invaluable must read reference for first-timers.

The A to Z Guide to Residence Hall Living goes over the services available to students living in the residence halls and Union Street Center. If will also help you understand what you should do in an emergency situation.

If you're living in one of our unfurnished apartments, you'll want to become familiar with the Unfurnished Apartment Guide. It's a good introduction to managing your apartment and the additional services available to you.

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2016–17 Kitchen Fire Safety

Remember: You Burn It; You Pay

Watch the Pot

Stay in the kitchen when anything is cooking. Never leave food cooking or baking, even for a minute. Turn off stove burners and unplug electrical appliances when you are finished using them.

Keep Appliances Clean

Built-up grease catches fire easily. Wipe appliances after spills and regularly clean stove burners and ovens.

Be Alert

Do not attempt to cook while drinking alcohol or taking medicine that makes you drowsy. Almost half the people who die in cooking fires are asleep when a fire starts.

Roll Up Your Sleeves

Loose sleeves dangling close to hot burners can catch fire. Protect yourself by rolling up your sleeves securely when cooking.

Keep Objects Away From Stove

Keep children and flammable materials 36-inches (one meter) away from the stove. Potholders, dishtowels, and curtains catch fire easily. Do not store items on, above, or inside the stove.

Don't Overload Electrical Outlets

Too many appliances (e.g., coffee pots, electric frying pans, rice cookers, or toasters) plugged into one electrical outlet can overload the circuit, causing appliances to overheat and catch on fire. Use heat-producing appliances only on countertops away from walls or curtains. Replace or repair any cracked or frayed electrical cord or plug, and check your electrical circuit breakers.

Microwave Safety

Use potholders when removing food. To prevent burns, carefully remove lids and plastic packaged foods. Test food temperature before eating. If anything catches fire inside the microwave, turn it off, keep the door closed, and unplug the unit.

Turn Pot Handles Away From You

Turn pot handles toward the back or center of the stove. Handles hanging out over the edge can be bumped in passing or grabbed by a child.

Heat Oil Slowly

When heating cooking oil, use it in moderation and make sure it is always attended.

Smother A Grease Fire

Cover the pan with a lid or larger pot, and turn off the stove burner. Do not use a fire extinguisher or water on a grease fire-this can spread the flames. Never carry a burning pan!

Learn to Use the Fire Extinguisher

All IU Bloomington apartment housing units have multipurpose or ABC extinguishers that may be used on most fires. Remember, never use an extinguisher on a grease fire.

For More Information (Contact Any of the Following):

Campus View/BBHN (812) 855-3578*

Tulip Tree/University Apts./3rd & Union (812) 855-2108*

Evermann/Redbud (812) 855-4307*

Area Coordinator (812) 855-2679

*These numbers are answered 24 hours a day for emergencies.

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