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Outdoor Adventure

  • $100 annual program fee
  • Standard housing costs with air-conditioning
  • Double rooms
  • Central neighborhood


Pick and choose activities based on available time and interests. There are no academic requirements to live in this community.

Take a personal challenge to step out of comfort zones and try something new. There are many opportunities to use or develop leadership skills, like serving on the Outdoor Adventure Residence Board (O.A.R. Board), the leadership body for the community.


  • Hiking, backpacking, camping, and geocaching.
  • Skiing and horseback riding.
  • Canoeing, boating, and kayaking.
  • Indoor wall climbing.
  • Practicing "Leave No Trace" ethics.
  • Touring the Kirkwood Observatory.
  • Attending Broadway shows at the IU Auditorium.

Student Quotes

How would you describe your community?

"Outdoor Adventures is a tight-knit, active community that gives students the opportunity to explore their interests and meet other students who share their interest." —Nina W., Lebanon, Ind.; Math and Political Science

"It's a great community full of adventure-seeking people. No experience for the outdoors is necessary—you just need to be open to trying new things." —Madison T., Bloomington, Ind.; Human Development and Family Studies

What is the BEST part about living in the community?

"Aside from the tolerance, there is a huge emphasis on the conservation of energy, water, and a push on recycling. This is such an important lesson that I think every college kid should be exposed to. We learn environmental awareness, we learn about the sustainability of the environment, and most importantly we learn to respect nature and know that it has just as much of a right to thrive as we do." —Alexandra K., Indianapolis, Ind.; Biochemistry

Who Lives Here

All undergraduate students are welcome, but space is limited to one residential floor for this program.

How to Apply

Review the application process before beginning. When completing your housing application, select "Outdoor Adventure" on the Learning Community selection page. For more information, contact Academic and Student Engagement.

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