Important Instructions


March 25 - Due to the early move out of residence halls for the spring semester, students will receive a prorated housing credit. This credit will be applied to any unpaid charges on the student’s bursar account. If the credit exceeds the amount due on the student’s account, the excess will be refunded during the first week of the fall 2020 semester. Students may request an earlier refund.

If your submission to ship essential items is received after 12 noon on Friday, March 27 staff will still review your request and respond. Due to limited staff availability we may not be able to send your items until after April 7

March 23, 1 p.m. - In light of Governor Holcomb's executive order to shelter in place through at least April 7, we are revising the move-out schedule. Do not come to campus if you have an appointment between March 25 - April 7. Please return to the form and schedule a later appointment. You will receive a cancellation message for your original appointment. You may also still request to have your essential items shipped to you.

If you scheduled a third-party vendor to move your belongings, please contact them to reschedule a new time. You may also still request to have your essential items shipped to you.

March 18 - The deadline to file a petition is Friday, March 20 at 12 noon.


Residents returning to campus to move their personal items will go through express check out. No staff member will inspect your room before you leave.

Please follow these steps.

  • Practice social distancing guidelines and take prevention measures outlined by the CDC.
  • Microfridges from Bedloft should be emptied, cleaned and unplugged. RPS will make arrangements with the company to remove the unit at a later time.
  • Empty the trash and clean your room. Please use the trash room or outside dumpsters and not the trash cans in the bathrooms.
  • Donate unwanted items and food. Bins are located in the center building or lobby.
  • Check your mailbox and submit your forwarding address through the Housing Mail Services application at One.IU.
  • Complete the “Residence Hall Move Out Procedures” checklist on your room door.
  • Sign and return the checklist to your center desk.
  • Return all RPS keys and library materials to your center desk.
  • Wait until the desk staff verify you have been electronically checked-out before leaving the buiding.


On March 16, Provost Robel sent an important message to all RPS students about leaving campus and moving out of the residence halls, on-campus apartments and RPS-leased properties.

Residents will receive a prorated reimbursement for the remainder of the semester. This will appear on your statement before the end of the semester.

The buildings will close at 12 noon on Monday, March 23. You will not have access after this time unless you schedule a move-out time.

We are contacting you now with specific information so that you can:


Please note. The new office hours below do affect third party movers. Please schedule your move out with the vendor during these hours.

Park on Morton
This is a no contact office. You can only contact the office by phone. New office hours are Monday - Friday, 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. To move out, go to the mailroom next to the main clubhouse. Fill out an envelope, insert your key. Life the envelop and parking pass under the door by the elevator.

The Avenue
This is a no contact office. You can only contact them by phone or email. New office hours are Monday - Friday 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. To move out, complete the move-out list outside room 8126, place your key in the envelope and slide it under the door.

Reserve on Third
The office is open, but you must practice social distancing. New office hours are Monday - Friday 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. and Saturday, 12 - 3 p.m. To move out, go to the office during these hours. Key envelops will be available on the counter in a clear document box by the from door. Place completed envelop with keys in the drop box at the front door of the leasing office.


  • Essential items: We understand that you may need medication and academic materials to complete your course work (e.g., books and computers). We will pack these items and ship them to you via UPS at our expense.
  • Personal belongings: If you want other items shipped to you or prefer to have a third-party pack and ship or store your belongings, you may do so at your expense. You must use one of the approved vendors below to make your arrangements. You may view their services online. Once you have contracted one of these third-party vendors, please complete the form to authorize their access to your room.

Submit your shipping needs and information


To ensure a manageable move-out process and to limit crowd sizes, you must schedule an appointment to return to remove your belongings from your room or apartment.

If you have already moved out, thank you. Please confirm your move-out date on this form.

Schedule your move-out time


Residents who are unable to return home and have no other place to go in the United States may file a petition requesting to remain on campus through the end of this semester.

Student petitioning to remain on campus may be asked to move to another RPS location on campus in order for us to achieve public health goals. This will not carry financial penalty; the student will be charged the student’s current rate or $20 per day, whichever is lower.

Students remaining in their same space will continue to pay the current rate.

Limited dining service will be available and meal plans will remain active.

Submit your exemption petition

Information about your meal plan will be sent soon. Please direct questions to askRPS.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

The Division of Residential Programs and Services

Email RPS Housing Office