Move-out FAQ

Scheduling your move-out

When is the last day I can get my personal belongings from RPS?
The last day to pick up your belongings is Friday, May 1, by 5 p.m.

Schedule your move-out time.

Can I reschedule my move out time?
Yes, you may reschedule as many times as necessary using the form “Schedule your move-out time.” Your original time will be canceled. Only one appointment time is permitted per resident.

I accidently clicked on “I have already moved out.” Can I still schedule a move-out time?
Please email askRPS.


I live in a RPS-leased apartment. Do I need to move out?
Yes, all RPS residents must move out. Learn more on our website. You may file a petition to remain on campus.

The time period to file a petition has expired.

I live in an RPS on-campus apartment. Do I need to move out?
Yes, all RPS residents must move out. Learn more on our website. You may file a petition to remain on campus.

The time period to file a petition has expired.

Will families of graduate students at Tulip Tree and Campus View be allowed to stay in their apartments?
If their petition to remain on campus is approved, unfurnished apartment housing residents and their family members will stay in their current apartment and continue to pay their current housing rate.

Petitions to stay on campus

The time period to file a petition has expired.

What is the status of my petition?
Petition requests will be reviewed individually by a committee, and students will receive responses to their petitions on a rolling basis. Please be patient as responses come out. Not receiving an immediate reply does not mean your petition has been denied.

What is the process for the petition review?
The committee is reviewing all petitions individually. The review process will include balancing risk factors for the individual students and the broader community. The IU goal is to reduce the number of people on campus and to aid in our ability to practice social distancing within the residential environment.

When will I hear about by petition to stay?
The committee is preparing to send responses to individuals at their IU email beginning on Friday, March 20. Responses will come out on a rolling basis through the middle of next week.

Is there a deadline to file a petition?
Yes, petitions must be submitted by 12 noon on Friday, March 20.

My petition to remain on campus was denied. Can I appeal?
No, decisions of the review committee are final. Please schedule your move out time  or arrange for an approved vendor (Guys and Dollies or Soft Touch Moving) to pack and ship your belongings at your expense.

Getting your belongings

I moved out most of my things and don’t need to return to get anything, but there may be some items left over in my room. Will I be charged for abandoned personal property? (added March 26)
We are not enforcing the abandoned personal property policy detailed in the housing contracts and will retain student belongings throughout the move-out process. Staff will reach out to residents who have not made plans to move out their remaining belongings later during the move-out period.

I’m unable to return to campus to get my bike. What will happen to it? (added March 26)
Management of bike rack capacity at RPS housing facilities has not been fully evaluated. At this time, Parking Enforcement expects to be lenient with impounds from bike racks during the summer cleanout effort.

Bikes that appear to be severely neglected and/or abandoned will be removed. We will attempt to contact owners of registered bikes that display a permit prior to removal in order to determine if the bike should be removed, or if it can be left at the rack for the owner to recover when back on campus. If not registered, a bike may be impounded if it is derelict (not in rideable condition).

Bikes that are not in bike racks are subject to citation and impound regardless of permit or condition.

The bike lockers at Briscoe Quad and Union Street Center are managed by RPS who will be in contact with renters in the coming weeks.

What are the “essential items” that the university will pay to ship to me.
“Essential items” are broadly defined as medicine or academic materials. Examples include, but may not be limited to the following:

  • Computer and charger
  • Books
  • Printed class materials that are not accessible online

If your submission to ship essential items is received after 12 noon on Friday, March 27 staff will still review your request and respond. Due to limited staff availability we may not be able to send your items until after April 7.

Can I use a third-party vendor to pack and ship my belongings?
At your own expense, you may only use one of these two approved vendors.

I’ve moved out but think I forgot a personal item in my room. What should I do?
Please complete the askRPS online form.

Can I have my roommate or someone else pack up my belongings?
We will only give access to your space to you or one of two approved vendors to pack and remove your belongings. You can contact and make arrangements with these vendors.

Costs and refunds

How did you calculate the housing refund? (added March 26)
Here is our process for housing refunds:

  • The credit item type will apply to any unpaid charges on the account first.
  • If there is nothing to pay it will be refundable.
  • It will not be automatically refunded until the Fall disbursement date.
  • If the credit pays charges from Spring 2020 or earlier it will not be refunded.
  • If the credit pays summer 2020 or fall 2020 charges it may be refunded on a case-by-case basis. Students can request that at this link request an earlier refund.

The credit amount is derived by multiplying the daily rate of the specific asset type (room or apartment) by the remaining days in the contract. Since President McRobbie’s letter requested students vacate their space by March 20 at 11:59 p.m., we used March 21 as our start date. That equates to 49 days.

What is the cost to remain on campus if my petition is approved?
Students who are approved to remain on campus and must move to a new space will be charged a rate of $20 per day for the remainder of their stay. This rate will replace their current housing charges, not be added to it. Housing charges for the remainder of the semester are being reimbursed. A credit will appear on your statement before the end of the semester.

Residents approved to remain in their unfurnished on-campus apartments will continue to pay their current housing rate.

Will I receive a refund for my housing and dining?
Due to the early move out of residence halls for the spring semester, students will receive a prorated housing credit. This credit will be applied to any unpaid charges on the student’s bursar account. If the credit exceeds the amount due on the student’s account, the excess will be refunded during the first week of the fall 2020 semester. Students may request an earlier refund.

Students approved to remain in their unfurnished on-campus apartments will continue to pay the same housing rate.

Information will be available soon regarding meal plans.