Cooperative Housing Community

Co-ops offer students a chance to be a part of a close-knit community with required work components that allow residents to lower their college expenses as paid employees. Community members are paid to share responsibility for housekeeping tasks in the Cooperative Housing Community (co-op) for 2 hours per week, in addition to working 6–8 hours in the dining hall (weekly 8–10 hours of on-campus employment, excluding finals week).


The co-op provides a discount that makes living there more than worth it. If you end up with a good manager and EO staff for the building it can be a phenomenal experience...I highly suggest you take advantage of this resource.

Emily E.

Program features include:

  • No annual program fee
  • Cooperative housing costs without air-conditioning
  • Double rooms
  • Central neighborhood

Required tasks are scheduled on a rotating basis and include:

Housekeeping duties:

  • Taking out trash
  • Cleaning common areas and restrooms with environmentally-friendly cleaning products
  • Vacuuming and mopping community floors

Dining duties will vary, but may include:

  • Involvement in food preparation
  • Serving attractively plated food to customers
  • Working with a variety of culinary equipment such as grills, deep fryers and combi ovens
  • Stocking product
  • Operating a cash register
  • Maintaining dining room sanitation and appearance