Commitment to Diversity

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Initiative Goals

Focus on Communication

  • We will champion and lead the creation of a DEI webpage for all Bloomington Auxiliaries.
  • We will create signage for our work environments that provide simple reminders to staff and customers of DEI messages and benefits and offer those resources to others.

Focus on Process & Procedure

  • We will develop and promote the business case for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion amongst ourselves in our interactions with customers.
  • We will promote the use of personalized pronouns on business cards as using a person’s chosen name and desired pronouns shows respect and courtesy.

Focus on Development

  • We will work with Auxiliary Services Human Resources to explore DEI training and development opportunities for our staff.
  • We will incorporate the Auxiliary Business Services DEI Value Statement in our Employee Conduct and Expectations documents and discuss it in onboarding.

Statement on Diversity

IU Housing is professionally and personally committed to celebrating the rich diversity of people who live in, work in, or visit our residence halls and apartment housing communities. We believe that our living environment must foster freedom of thought and opinion in the spirit of mutual respect. All of our programs, activities, and interactions are enriched by accepting each other as we are and by celebrating our uniqueness, as well as our commonality.

The diversity of our communities takes many forms. It includes differences related to race, culture, geography, ethnicity, national origin, gender, gender identity and expression, genetic information, sexual orientation, religion, age, ability, socio-economic background, education, job role and function, and veteran and military status. We believe that any attempt to oppress any individual or group is a threat to everyone in the community. We are guided by the principle that celebrating diversity enriches and empowers the lives of all people.

Therefore, everyone who chooses to live in, work in, or visit our communities must understand that we will not tolerate any form of bigotry, harassment, intimidation, threat, or abuse, whether verbal or written, physical or psychological, direct or implied. Alcohol or substance abuse, ignorance, life experiences, anger, or, "it was just a joke", will not be accepted as an excuse. We will respond to such behavior in an appropriate manner, recognizing that education is our most powerful tool.

Our communities are rich, alive, dynamic, and inclusive environments designed to enable all individuals to stretch and grow to their full potential. Only by challenging our assumptions through exploring and understanding our diversities can we create an environment where innovation, individuality, and creativity are maintained. We pledge ourselves to this end.