Environmental Management

Mold Prevention

Indiana University values the health and safety of its students. If a room is not properly maintained or ventilated, mold can occur.

Residents can help prevent the occurrence of mold in their rooms by taking these important steps.

  • Do not open the windows and run the air conditioner at the same time.
  • Keep heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) vents open to maintain proper airflow.
  • Do not block or restrict airflow from the HVAC by positioning furniture near the unit or placing wet items over the vents.
  • Hang wet or damp towels and clothes to dry on a drying rack in the room. Do not hang these items in a closet or leave them in a suitcase or gym bag. Also, do not leave wet items lying on the floor or on upholstered furniture.
  • Regularly perform good housekeeping practices like cleaning up spills quickly, cleaning out the refrigerator and wiping down the refrigerator door, removing trash frequently to designated areas, wiping down counters and desks, and vacuuming floors.

Climate Control

Climate controlled buildings manage humidity and air temperature. Overall they lessen humidity and provide overall better air quality. The HVAC systems in are air-conditioned facilities perform most efficiently with the windows closed.

Information about heating and cooling ranges and switching between heating and cooling is available on each of our locations individual web pages.