Eigenmann Hall

Residents love that "Eigy" covers all the basics of on-campus living. It has its own library, music practice rooms, a computer lab, cafe, and a variety of room types. All that and Eigenmann is also only a quick jog from the Student Recreation Sports Center and across the parking lot from Student Central.

Your Residential Life Management Team

Defta Oktafiga

Defta Oktafiga
Residence Manager

Richie Carter

Richie Carter
Residence Life Coordinator - Operations

Dax Emerson

Dax Emerson
Residence Life Coordinator - Student Development


A CAT 5 cable is needed to be able to connect to Ethernet in this building. For more information about computing in the residence halls, see this Knowledge Base article.

Maintenance and Environmental Concerns

Report custodial, maintenance, or environmental concerns about your room or residence hall.

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Heating and Cooling

This building is air-conditioned with non-operable windows. When the outdoor temperature is above 59° F, air-conditioning can be set from 68 to 76° F. When the outdoor air temperature is below 56° F, heating can be set from 68 to 76° F.

  • Do not tamper with or hang items from the smoke detectors and/or fire sprinkler head.
  • Only use CommandTM hooks, tacky putty, or painter's tape to hang decorative lights and other items.
  • Indiana University does not accept liability for personal belongings, so residents must secure their own renter's insurance. GradGuard, an authorized insurance provider for IU, offers insurance quotes at go.iu.edu/getinsured.
  • Trash and recycling bins are provided in all rooms.
  • Do not place furniture in front of or hang items on the HVAC unit.
  • To explore different bed options for your room and make appointments for bed rearrangement, visit our vendor's website at bedloft.com. The mattresses provided are extra-long twin size and have a height of 20 inches from the floor.
  • Use surge protectors and connect them directly to wall outlets. Avoid connecting extension cords and surge protectors in a series. Ensure that all electrical appliances are UL listed, have thermostatic controls if necessary, and are rated at 700 (6 amps) or lower.
  • Furniture cannot be removed or stored outside of the room.
  • Fire retardant blinds and/or curtains are provided and must not be taken down. The building is air-conditioned, and the windows cannot be opened.
  • When the outdoor temperature is above 59o F, air conditioning can be set from 68 to 76o F. When the outdoor temperature is below 56o F, heating can be from 68 to 76o F.