Digital Screens

Digital Screens

IU Housing digital screens are a great way to inform students of campus events, news, public service announcements, and services.

Advertising on IU Housing digital screens is provided as a courtesy, and limited solely to Indiana University departments and student organizations. Due to the sheer volume of requests, we can not guarantee that every slide submission will be published. Digital screen content will be published according to the following priority list:

  1. IU emergency messages
  2. IU Housing announcements
  3. Residence Hall Association announcements
  4. IU departments and student organizations

IU Housing reserves the right to decline advertising requests, and to stop announcements before the specified end date to accommodate IU emergency messages and IU Housing information.

Slide submissions must adhere to the rules and specifications below or they will be rejected. 


Slides that contain the following are prohibited:

  • Material that is deceptive, false, or misleading
  • Encouraging or promoting unlawful conduct, or the possession or use of unlawful goods or services
  • Promoting the sale or use of alcohol, firearms, or tobacco
  • Relating to political campaigns, candidate advocacy, or issues
  • Violating the exclusivity terms in Indiana University contracts

Ad Specifications

All files MUST adhere to the specifications below.

Submissions that do not meet these guidelines may be rejected:

  • SIZE
    • 1920 wide x 1080 pixels high
    • 72 dpi
    • Horizontal orientation
  • TEXT
    • 25 words or fewer
    • 30 point font or larger
    • Image must include the date, location, and name of the event
    • All information must fit on a single slide
    • JPG 
    • PNG
    • Must include date (mm-dd-yyyy)
    • Must include a title (ex. “New Student Orientation 08-20-2023”)
    • Indicate the date range the ad should appear on the screens
    • Maximum two weeks duration

Submit Your Slide

Before submitting your slide, please review the rules and specifications above. Submissions that do not meet these specifications will be rejected. 

The digital screens located in the residence halls are now managed by marketing in the Office of Student Life. Please send inquires to James McHaley.

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