Moving to campus this fall?

Here's what to consider when choosing which residence hall you want to live in:

  1. Neighborhoods – Think about how want to navigate getting to and from your residence hall to class and activities. There are three neighborhood options: northwest, central, and southeast.
  2. Room types  You can request to be assigned to a single room to live alone or a double room to be assigned a roommate. There are other options available such as a triple or apartment, too.
  3. Roommates  If you don't have a selected roommate, you can be assigned a roommate. If you have a roommate preference, your housing preferences and your priority group should be the same as your selected roommate.
  4. Learning Communities  There are two types of learning communities: Living–Learning Centers (LLCs): academic-themed communities and Thematic Communities: built on shared interests.
  5. Cost of Housing  There are two options: standard with air conditioning and enhanced. We have more standard with AC spaces on campus.

2024-25 Housing for Current Residents Only

IU Housing spaces held for returning students are full and our waitlist has been closed. Returning IUB students should seek housing off-campus as we do not anticipate any available openings.

Student Legal Services is available to review leases and help students navigate the leasing experience.

Check out the property and landlord you're looking at with the City of Bloomington's Office of Housing and Neighborhood Development.

Get renter’s insurance from IU’s partner GradGuard or an insurance company of your choosing.

Students seeking housing for 2024-25 can use the IDS Housing Guide, IU Classifieds, or the Office of Student Life Off-Campus Information page to find other arrangements. 

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